Monty's Code

Unleash time-saving automation aready available on your Mac.

Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) to help automate and design custom workflows for your small business.
Videography & editing services for corporate videos.
Photography for employee photos, Amazon product photos, and real estate.
Member of the Apple Consultant's Network beginning 2022


Monty's Code, LLC is a MacOS consulting company in Torrance CA that specializes in automating workflows, creating macros, and overall problem solving. Small businesses can utilize the existing/free/included software and apps within their Mac computers to streamline processes and increase productivity. Additionally, service can be provided to create corporate videos and employee headshots for website use.


Your small business may not be big enough to afford a full-time employee to help support your growing needs. I am an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) which, by Apple's definition, is a "help desk professional, technical coordinator, or power user who manages networks or provides technical support for Mac users". ACSP certification verifies that I understand macOS core functionality and that I can configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple Mac users. I am able to provide support for your business in-person or via remote. Remote support is very easy using a built-in MacOS screen sharing program. I can securely view-only or remotely control a Mac computer while the user is sitting in front to witness every move. Additionally, I have a long history of providing automation and workflow solutions to help you find new ways to save time and increase productivity by using software that is built into your computer(s) already. As a long-standing worker in the entertainment industry, I have specific knowledge in audio and video files, audio and video editing software, codecs, file-transfer processes, storage, etc. However, I'm not limited to these areas because many of the same principles apply to all different file types. Here is a small list programs I can easily manipulate and provide workflows, shortcuts, applescripts, and macros for:

Avid Pro Tools
Command line (Terminal)
Apple Mail
Apple Messages
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Google Docs/Calendar
Microsoft Word, Excel

Almost any shortcut/macro is possible. Connect with me and I'll help to provide the solution. If something can be done manually on the computer, I can almost certainly write a program that will do it faster, more accurately, and best of all it won't get tired doing it. Your employees are great but repetition creates monotony and a computer won't complain about doing a task over and over again.

Let my workflows and automation save you from having to do any manual computer process over and over again.

Headshot, Product, & Real Estate

With a Canon 5D Mk3 and studio lighting I can create digital images to suit your corporate needs.

Corporate Employee Headshots
Real Estate
Corporate Interview

With a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro, wireless microphone, and studio lighting I can create first-person or interview style videos for your corporate needs.

Audio Editing
Pro Tools

My career since the late 80's has been as an audio editor for major Hollywood post-production facilities. Dialogue editing, general restoration, conform, QC, mastering, and video file layback (to name a few) can all be provided for an hourly rate.

Video Editing
Davinci Resolve

Use the contact form below to get more information about the types of video editing services I can provide.

iOS App Creation
Apple XCode

I can write custom apps for iPhone, iPad, or MacOS that will help your employees interact with their internal workflows.


CG Finder
Weight & Balance Calculator

CG Finder was my first app originally created in 2009 to help pilots find the center of gravity for their airplane before flight. Calculations can be run with US or metric measurements, up to 5 different aircrafts can be saved/stored, and a total of 11 stations can be calculated including fixed ones for the Plane, Pilot, and Fuel.

Timecode Tool
For Post-Production Audio

Enter a timecode and this calculator will give you the position equivalents in other frame rates. It converts between DF, NDF, 23.98, and PAL. PAL timecodes are the actual 4.1% faster/slower equivalents. It also can give you the sample rate you need to import at when dealing with off-speed audio in Pro Tools.


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