Fantasy Points PLUS v2.0 - $0.99


MAR 28, 2013

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v2.0 has the ability to choose up to 5 drivers at a time and either graph their finish positions or cumulative average position from individual tracks over the past 11 years or use season data from 2011 to 2013. More importantly, when displaying the average, you can select the number of recent weeks to average as opposed to seeing only the whole year. Very valuable when determining if a driver is on a CURRENT hot streak.

Also included is the calculator (from the free version) which helps you to check your fantasy points if watching the race on your DVR (works best with a standard points system like ESPN Stock Car Challenge). My son & I typically watch the race an hour or two behind and cannot refer to the computer to check points without spoiling the outcome.

New in v1.2 are “nudge” up/down +/- buttons so you don’t have to use the keypad to enter positions.

The 4th “Help” tab (not pictured)  allows you to download new race result data each week to keep the graphs current, choose between 2011,12, & 13 data, and describes how to use each section of the app. 

Please communicate with me about your experience with Fantasy Points Plus by sending a message from here at the website or follow @FantasyPtsPlus on Twitter. I can usually respond quickly. The Twitter feed can be seen on the homepage if you do not have a Twitter account. A Facebook fan page is also available.

Please recommend this app to your friends and remember to leave positive feedback in the App Store so others will be encouraged to buy.

Added in v1.1 is a past 2 race change to help you see who has moved up and who is dropping back. This should help a bit in trying to choose which drivers to plot on the graph.

Tab 2 “List View” shows a list from best to worst of each driver’s average finish. You can select the number of recent races to average (anywhere from the past 2 races to the whole 2011/12/13 season or 11 years of an individual track). The right column shows how many races a driver has competed in for the number races you have selected.

v1.2 (4/27/12) now includes finish positions from the past 10 years for the 23 tracks on the 2012 schedule. The graph and list views are the same when using individual track data as they were when view 2012 & 2011 season data in previous versions.

In the “Graph” tab you can plot 5 drivers at a time on a graph to see how they finished over the past 10 years and also switch to “Average Position” and see how their average goes up or down during that time. In “Average Position”, you can select the number of recent races to average in case you feel 10 years worth is too long a period of time. The “List” tab shows the average finish position (best to worst) for all drivers at that particular track. This is very valuable information when choosing your fantasy team from week to week.

This “Update/Help” tab is also where you can download the new data file that is available each week (usually by Thursday before each race) and includes data from the previous race. This new file is necessary so it properly adds to the 2012 season.